Woodside Aps

We are an UK app developer
with over 8 years of bringing solutions to market.
We specialize in ios mobile apps and
windows desktop solutions.
All our apps and games are
#a11y compliant with particular
attention to the blind / visually impaired community.

Accessible Pong

Pong for the Blind and Visuallly Impaired

App Store page for Accessible Pong

Super Sliding Puzzle Game

Accessible sliding puzzle game

App Store page for Super Sliding Puzzle Game

Crack the code game

Accessible logic puzzle

App Store page for Crack the code game

pattern play story

Accessible match 3 game

App Store page for pattern play story

Accessible Sudoku

sudoku with large grids

App Store page for Accessible Sudoku

Minesweeper Deluxe

Minesweeper large grids on small devices

App Store page for Minesweeper Deluxe

Knight Commander

Accessible empire builder

App Store page for Knight Commander

Wordfinder Game

Find all the words in the grid

App Store page for Wordfinder Game

super tile smash

Pattern matching game with lots of variations

App Store page for super tile smash

for all our ios games

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App Store page for for all our ios games